Extra, Extra, Read All About It

journalism goldBefore my love for public relations and marketing came about, I had a small affair with journalism. In fact, my very [virtual] first internship was with Geek Insider as an Editorial Staff Writer Intern. My experience with journalism, specifically print, has been an interesting one. I wasn’t always interested in a career in writing or journalism. Originally admitted into Spelman College as a Biochemistry major with a Dance minor, I had the aspirations of becoming an animal research scientist with my own dance studio. However, after taking a few courses in Chemistry and Biology – and receiving more than a few failing grades – I realized that I wasn’t happy in the field I was pursuing. While veterinary science had always been my main focus and seemed to be what I was destined for, I couldn’t see myself in a white coat in a stuffy laboratory every day for the rest of my life.

After a conversation with my parents during the winter break of my freshman year, they suggested pursuing a career in a field that I’ve always been passionate about: writing. I’ve always had a knack for writing plays, songs, short stories and essays within and aside from academia. Creative writing had always been my avenue of escape whether it be journaling or writing a fantasy fiction short story about teens with superpowers. I was too scared at the moment to just go ahead and blatantly change my major so I tried being an English major with a Pre-Med concentration. Not a good idea. By the end of my freshman year, I was a full-fledged English major with a Creative Writing minor. By the conclusion of my first semester as a sophomore, I was claiming my own interdisciplinary track in Mass Media Arts and Communications.

I’ve served on a multitude of platforms including, but not limited to:

I currently act as the Arts and Entertainment Editor for the Maroon Tiger Newspaper at Morehouse College and Vice President of the Atlanta Association of Black Journalists Student Consortium (AABJSC). My journalism-tailored resume is provided in this blog post as a reference for future employers! Additional references will be available upon request!



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