Taking a Dive at Adult Swim

adult-swimBy far, interning with Adult Swim at Turner Broadcasting Systems during the fall semester of my junior year has been the most incredible internship experience ever. Take a look into my goals that I set during the beginning, how I achieved my goals in the end and some of my writing samples I’ve developed throughout!

D’Shonda Brown Fall 2015 Internship Goals

  1. Gain more experience in entertainment and entertainment-related public relations by creating press materials for Adult Swim shows and New York Comic Con.

How I achieved this goal:

adultswim1Coming into this internship, I only had internship experience in fashion, music and celebrities. Adult Swim gave me a taste of what it’s like to work for a top-tier corporation and in animation. Let me share this – it’s definitely an experience I will never forget. Working on New York Comic Con as my very first internship project was an amazing experience. I got to work on multiple projects with multiple strategies that I can eventually pitch and execute to future internship experiences – maybe even future employers. Creating face identification sheets for photographers and videographers was a tactic I had never heard of before that can definitely reduce confusion and increase efficiency when attending major events such as a panel discussion with the cast and creators of Robot Chicken and The Venture Bros.. Throughout my internship, I also learned that when dealing with a corporation is completely different from working at a small firm or agency. I’ve realized that I like them all.

  1. Challenge myself as a future publicist by sharpening my organizational skills and fine tuning my ability to pay strong attention to minute details.

How I achieved this goal:

I’ve successfully accomplished this goal by completing a series of daily tasks including, but not limited to, updating status reports and press breaks for individual shows and events, such as New York Comic Con. I’ve even taken what I learned throughout my time as a public relations intern here at Adult Swim and applied them to academia at Spelman College.  For instance, I had to develop my own advocacy project for my Argumentation course. I created a short 15-minute interview compilation video surrounding the negative images of women in the hip-hop industry and released it on Facebook. For my presentation, I took a public relations approach and created a pull quote sheet, where I pulled quotes and comments from my Facebook friends to develop one organized document demonstrating the positive – and negative – feedback for my project. These daily tasks have most definitely allowed me to hone my skills and sharpen my ability to pay strong attention to minute details from outlet names to authors to the organization of the publication dates.

  1. Develop public relations and marketing campaigns and strategies for Adult Swim shows to gain more experience in timelineadultswim2 and strategy expansion.

How I achieved this goal:

While marketing is geared more towards fan interaction, the art of public relations is geared more towards attracting press. A little deeper into my role as Public Relations Intern here at Adult Swim, I thought it was time to hone my writing skills a little more because I had been focusing primarily on organization. I was assigned to develop a mock press release as well as a Marketing Timeline and Strategy for the Venture Bros. season six premiere. Although I have extensive experience in press release writing for various public relations firms and agencies, I’ve never written one for a corporation so this was a new challenge for me. In regards to the marketing strategy, I have never really went full force in marketing. I’ve always been one to stick to my niche in public relations and try to master that, but I’ve realized throughout my internship that marketing plays a huge role. It’s great to be able to say that even though this strategy is not going to actually be used, it’s good to know that I developed this all by myself and the ideas throughout my strategy are fresh and completely derived from my mental thought process. This activity made me want to delve into marketing a little more because I realized how much creativity is involved and I, myself, am a creative. Maybe marketing is a field that I could research further and take that into consideration when deciding on my career path, or I could possibly work for an agency where marketing and public relations directly correlate. After fully developing a proper public relations strategy and timeline, these exercises forced me to weigh my options as an emerging communications professional. I’m not closing the door to public relations, but opening the door to a broader spectrum.


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