Shondarella’s Exclusive Interview Vault

Here are some of my in-studio interviews throughout my time with WSTU Radio during the 2014-2015 school year! My interviews have been conducted over the phone, in-studio and on red carpet events such as UNCF An Evening of Stars. Scroll through my exclusive interviews to listen to my most memorable Jetsetter moments!


Interviews Found Below:

Domani Harris 

Mr. Leigh Bush


MAKO Girls (Part One)

MAKO Girls (Part Two)

Hozea Chanchez (Part One)

Hozea Chanchez (Part Two)

DJ Babey Drew and James Bambu

April McRae

Other Radio Show Segments (Chronologically):

October 4th

October 24th

November 1st

#SpeakUpSpeakOut (feat. Ashly Gaskin)

#SpeakUpSpeakOut (feat. Ashly Gaskin) Part Two



November 22nd



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