How About That Airplane Food?

I’d almost forgot to write about something that people had been asking me about since I step foot into the London Heathrow airport: “How was your flight?”. Well, my good people, my flight was amazing and probably the best flight I’ve ever experienced in my life. Taking into consideration that I have a pathological fear of heights (in addition to clowns and elevators), I can honestly attest to the fact that British Airways was a top notch flight service.

I traveled from BWI to London Heathrow airport, leaving from 7:30 pm EST and arriving at 7:15 am in the United Kingdom. I know what you all are thinking: “Damn, twelve hours? That’s so long!”. Yeah, no. It was only a seven and a half hous-fg-crossover1r flight, but the five hour time difference tends to mess with the math of the entire process. In any case, seven hours or twelve hours, I loved my flight. For one,
they gave me a blanket and a pillow, meaning I didn’t have to scavenge through my carry-on for the blanket I had bought from home. Secondly, there were televisions on the back of every chair. Do you know what that means….it’s absolutely lit! It’s not like the crappy movies that came out back in 2009 and they play them as though it was some Academy Award winning movie that everyone just has to watch during the flight. They actually had a rather impressive selection. I watched Family Guy, specifically Season 13, Episodes 1 and 2 – the crossover between the Griffins and The Simfood1.jpgpsons. I, also, watched a few episodes of Modern Family. I was as happy as a clam.

Now, I bet you’re wondering how the food was. It was great. To start, they gave me some pretzels. Not your ordinary salty run-of-the-mill airplane pretzels. Oh, no. These were special pretzels. Sour cream and chives pretzels. Boy, were those good. As for the main course, they gave me a full on meal: chicken and ricotta pasta with peas, margarita salad, water, a sprite, a wedge of cheddar cheese spread, a small role, and a butter spread. I kid you not, I was the happiest one could ever be on a seven and a half hour plane ride knowing that I was being food2.jpgfed such a great selection of food. It’s not like it was something that came straight from the prince’s royal tea at the Ritz Carlton in London, but it was damn sure the best I’ve ever had on a plane (not that I have much to compare it to). To top it all off, they gave me tea. A nice spot of caffeinated tea (which I definitely paid for in the morning because I really wanted to sleep) in a cute little white cup that reminded me of the teacup from the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast. They even gave me a petite cup of whole milk, which I’d never had with tea before but it tasted pretty good in substitution of sugar.

In the morning, as we were landing, they gave us a cute little croissant, some more tea (not surprising), and a granola bar. Come to think of it, I was pretty well fed throughout the flight. To be honest, the food on the plane tasted better than some food I’ve had at any educational institution I’ve studied at – even better than some of the food some people who shall remain nameless have cooked for me. The flight actually had me rather excited for the food that I was going to have once I arrived at the University of Sussex. If they were serving me attempted gourmet food that was clearly produced with effort and love, I could only imagine what food would be like in Brighton. Cheers, British Airways! Two forks up!



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