Gucci This, Top Shop That

On My Pretty Hustle With This Fashion

I’m not saying this to be rude, but it’s just a simple observation of mine that I thought I should share with the world. Every British girl looks alike to me. There’s not a factor that really separates one from the other. Allow me to list the factors that determine your typical British girl:

  1. Bone-straight, slicked back hair

    KenGi (Kendall Jenner plus Gigi Hadid)
  2. Face completely caked up in make-up (typically Bare Essentials, MAC, Maybelline,
    Estee Lauder or any other makeup that has or has ever had Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid as their spokesperson
  3. Black skinnies with one “distressed” hole in each knee-cap OR an A-line skirt with the five buttons in the front
  4. Crop top that bares all of the assets
  5. Black Doc Martens
This is the skirt everyone. Take a good look. You’ll be seeing a lot of them around here.

More than likely, if you come across a girl that looks like this on a Tuesday and you get her name, chances are that if you meet a girl that looks like this on a Wednesday, she won’t be the same girl. Why? Because she won’t be the same girl. Why? Because they all look alike. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fashion here and they’re very fashion forward, but there’s little to no diversity. You’ll feel like Usher and R Kelly in the “Same Girl” video.

I will admit that my sense of style has dramatically changed since entering the United Kingdom. I’ve been told that people can sense my American nature by the way I dress. You would think that’s quite ludicrous, but my friend had to explain it to me in order to fully understand. For one, English girls dress very simple. By simple, I mean neutral colours such as the colours you see sprouting from the ground or growing out of a bush (blacks, browns, nudes, greens, etc.). Americans – namely New Yorkers – are more creative with their sense of fashion and like to be seen as much as they are heard. We are far more experimental with patterns, shades, textures, etc.. I walked into class with some yellow leggings I bought from Zara one morning and everyone’s attention just turned to my legs. It wasn’t because I was slim thick. It was because my lemon yellow leggings became the main focus in the room. Allow Childish Gambino to demonstrate how everyone, including the teacher, stared at me.

Their makeup is, also, very natural looking, but not natural as in bare-faced. You can tell that some of these girls have clearly bought the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit before it all sold out and broke the Internet. These girls have on the right amount of everything. They just look so flawless in my 9 a.m. classes looking like everything with the perfect highlight, contour, wing-tipped liner on the ultimate fleek and everything. My only question is…

In order for me to give that many tucks about the way I look in the morning, I would have to wake up super early. Like two hours ahead of my class just to make sure I don’t look crazy. I’m sure that as their prepping themselves for the day ahead and pampering themselves, I am just waking up and wiping the crust out of my pretty brown eyes before I wash my face, take a shower, throw on my jumper and head to class. I’m sorry, but I don’t have time nor the tucks to give when I have a 9 am class. When anyone can locate that one tuck I was supposed to give, please let me know. There will be a reward for it.

My Accessories Gotta Shouldn’t Be Flashy, Especially ‘Cause I’m Classy

Additionally, jewelry…not a big thing here. Anyone who knows me knows that I am big on hoops. I don’t know why but I’m not a huge studs individual. I prefer hoops; not those huge bamboo doorknocker hoops like New New from ATL, but nice, circular gold or silver hoops with the occasional diamond or two. When I went to my first “house party” (it wasn’t a house party, but it was a kickback in someone’s residence hall common room), I met this girl that lost her mind over my hoops. She said that she hasn’t seen a girl here that wears earrings as big as mine. I know that people don’t really wear hoops like that anymore because it’s a dying trend, but I didn’t think it was a rare commodity. It’s because people aren’t flashy here in the United Kingdom. The whole bracelets, multiple rings, and large earrings fad we have in America is not attractive here. Less is clearly more. A simple choker, some studs and a ring or two is all you need to make yourself stand out.

Vans This, Adidas That, Nike Everything

Coming from the Atlanta University Center and Brooklyn, New York, I’m so used to seeing every young man I know wear Breds, Concords, Gammas, Yeezys or every other sneaker that boys wait in line for at three o’clock in the morning. After having a conversation with my friend here about shoes and the cultural difference between American boys and UK boys, she laughed at me. I was super confused. Apparently, Jordans are such an American things and guys don’t wear them past the age of fifteen. All I see are loafers and Oxfords, which I’m completely fine with because I’m actually quite tired of seeing the same basic shoe on every guy I meet. Girls don’t wear sneakers here either. On the rare occasion that they do, they’re those low-ankle white Vans or the classic white Adidas sneaker with the three black stripes. It’s either heels, Uggs, or boots if they aren’t sneakers.

To leave you off with a nice little laugh, imagine this GIF being perfectly aligned with the song, “Tip Toeing in my Jordans” 🙂

Bottom line, if you’re in the United Kingdom for a study abroad term or year, go big or go home. Fashion magazines (Elle UK, Glamour, etc.) will not assist you at all. Take it from me, less is more.


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