Gold Blooded Communications

After much planning and praying, I have decided to launch Gold Blooded Communications. Gold Blooded Communications has been a dream of mine for a few years now and is a small stepping stone towards becoming the Chief Executive Officer of my own crisis communications and reputation management agency specializing in entertainment, technology, consumer, fashion and sports. As a recent college graduate seeking full-time employment, I am looking to apply my skills to future clientele and hone my skills in public relations, marketing and advertising.

Why Gold Blooded Communications?

While the colour is typically associated with glitz and glamour, that’s not why I chose the colour. Gold is a colour of echelon and superior ranking. It represents courage, passion and, most importantly, magic. I want all of my clients to recognize that I am able to perform to the best of my abilities whether it be a press release, media kit or event planning. Blooded isn’t just because I like scary movies, but it’s because it is embedded in me to strive for excellence in anything I do and never settle for anything less.


The following services will be offered:

  • Social Media and Branding Consulting: This service includes, but is not limited to, developing social media and marketing strategies, and the rebranding of your own personal social media accounts (i.e. LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).
  • Editing: This service includes scanning any writing samples, blog posts or other content for grammatical errors, syntax, etc.
  • Resume Building: This is my only FREE service. Snag the job of your dreams with my handy-dandy skills in resume building while using the perfect jargon to land any job (part-time or full-time), fellowship or internship.
  • Content Creation: With my extensive experience in journalism – editorial, broadcast and digital – I am equipped to provide services in blog post creation with accreditation.  This could be for a personal blog site, a national news outlet or blurbs for YouTube videos.
  • Press Kit Creation: For those who are not aware, a press kit – also known as a media kit – is not a way to secure press, but is a way to make getting press a little bit easier for your business. This includes information that is useful to reporters, photographers and publishers that will allow them to quickly learn about your brand, service or product. Additionally, photos and marketing material for them to use for content.
  • Public Relations Campaign: An electronic press kit (EPK) would be useful, if available. The goal is build and present the most effective public relations campaign plan to win over the client. The campaign strategy will include a press release, a query letter, a pitch letter to a potential sponsor, strategic social media plan, media blitz and a crisis communications/methodology strategy.

Additional services include voice overs, event planning, styling, and more if needed!

For rates, inquiries and special projects, email me at