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What is Jet Set Radio? 

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shondarellaOn  campus, I’m known as Shonda or Shonny. At work, I’m known as D’Shonda or Miss Brown. But, in that studio booth between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, I’m your favourite radio hostess and Spelmanite, Shondarella.

Originally an intern with GeekInsider as a Staff Writer Editorial Intern, I decided it was time to embark on a new journey. I came to the realization that although I love to write, I also love to talk and communicate with others. Thus, prompting me to explore the world of broadcast journalism. Because I attend Spelman College, I am able to take full advantage of my resources within the Atlanta University Center. I conducted research on the opportunities for television at Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University. During the summer before my sophomore year, I came across WSTU Radio, the Atlanta University Center radio station housed in Clark Atlanta University’s Mass Media Arts Building. I immediately sent an email to the head of the department expressing interest and was introduced to adviser, mentor and friend, Professor Andrew Will. As the summer progressed, I became more and more excited about my radio show and immediately began conjuring up ideas.

After my interview and submitting my one-minute air check, I was officially a radio personality for WSTU Radio. I was the team of me – I served as my own producer, scriptwriter, and disc jockey, allowing myself the opportunity to become proficient in all things radio. Working the boards while trying to keep constant eye contact with your celebrity guest is tough, but you learn to master it after a while.

On September 26th, Jet Set Radio was born. My segments included #NowTrending, #FashionLookbook, and #Celebrityitis. The purpose of my show was to shy away from the typical college radio show, only discussing sex, relationships and the hottest mixtapes. While my show did include those topics, I wanted to expand my demographic and discuss all issues ranging from health to entertainment to politics to world news. My wide range  of guests from VH1’s Domani Harris to Emory University researcher Ashly Gaskin is based off of the topic of the day and results in fun side chatter, games, and insightful advice. Topics have ranged from domestic violence to New York Fashion Week to Thanksgiving alternatives. Check out exclusive interviews with some of my guests on my “Exclusive Interviews Page”.



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