Professional Strategy: Strategic Planning, Analytics and Research

Perfection (n.): the state or condition of being perfect; the act of perfecting something; something that cannot be improved; something that is perfect.

grandmaster_chess_setm600All my life, while my peers have hoped and prayed to be mediocre and average, I’ve strived to be perfect. Perfect grades, perfect appearance, and the perfect social life. Not to mention, the perfect career. Yes, all of this seems completely irrational and ridiculous, but it all made sense to me – until I was challenged with the task of searching for a career that fit me as opposed to the idea of making myself fit into a career. Coming into Spelman College as a Biochemistry major with a Dance minor, inside me was embedded the mindset that I had to have a career in the medical field because it was in high demand and I loved animals. Once I embarked on my existential journey to self-discovery and individualism, I realized that the career that was perfect – or, at least as close to perfection as it could get – was public relations.

Originally, this portfolio started off as a brain child that I had never nurtured. A simple thought in the back of my mindLarge gold chart in the center, next to several smaller ones. All in gold.. However, when assigned to the task of creating my own digital professional portfolio for my ENG 390: Writing and Editing for Digital Media course, I was more than thrilled. This course taught me how to tell stories about myself, as well as how to develop my own definition of professionalism. An extension of my midterm examination research essay, my digital portfolio will strategically showcase my work in mass media arts and communications.

Purpose: The purpose of my digital portfolio is to allow friends, family, future employers and more to experience what I have and get a firsthand look at the world of communications and media through my eyes.

Mission Statement: To provide those that visit my digital portfolio with access to samples of my writing samples, research, blog, etc. which enables me to build strong relationships with future colleagues, and to influence future emerging media professionals to develop and hone their crafts and talents to the best of their abilities.

  • I am dedicated to serving as a positive role model for African American girls who wish to pursue a career in the media industry
  • I will serve future clients with nothing less than the best work including, but not limited to, marketing strategies, press releases, digital content for websites and more
  • I will strategically utilize my network at Spelman College, the Atlanta University Center and other previous and future connections to develop myself as a rising media professional

Vision: My digital portfolio will creatively, inventively and strategically demonstrate my ability to be the ideal candidate in any and every area of communications.

My Values:

  1. The Production and Execution of High-Quality Work
  2. The Incorporation of Creative Expression in All Avenues
  3. The Development of Strong Network and Support System
  4. The Raised Awareness of Reputation Management for African Americans in the Media